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How to Divide Open Rooms and Not Interfere with Lighting or HVAC Systems

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Divide open rooms using portable wallsWhen you decide to divide open rooms, it is often a challenge because you have to make allowances for the building’s mechanical systems. Screenflex Portable Walls set up divide open rooms quickly and easily and do not interfere with the lighting, or HVAC systems

Divide Open Rooms in Any Configuration

Divide open rooms with portable walls

Screenflex Dividers can be easily rolled into any configuration in minutes….

divide open rooms with portable walls

….just like this!

Dividing open rooms into smaller spaces,  Screenflex Dividers make the task easy and economical.

Rather than installing permanent floor to ceiling walls or floor to ceiling dividers, both of which would interfere with the room’s lighting and HVAC systems, this congregation chose to use Portable Screenflex Dividers.   These dividers can be set up or taken down in minutes,  store away in a compact 2′ X 3′ footprint, and best of all, no mechanical systems need to be altered.

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