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Dividing Shared Classrooms

The Location

Challenger Middle School

The Challenge

Define and divide space in a shared classroom

The Solution

There are many situations when shared classrooms are the only options for teachers and students. However, Screenflex Room Dividers can make this space more conducive to teaching and learning. In addition to providing a clear division between the classes, the sound-absorbing properties of the dividers also dampen the sound. This allows each class within the shared classroom to have their own private space. This privacy limits distractions and contributes to the overall learning experience for the students.

“We love our new divider because we share a space in our school’s multipurpose room due to the huge growth in our area. The flexibility of our screen allows us to both teach (different subjects) at the same time, and move out of the space easily when the school needs it for another activity.” – Challenger Middle School Staff

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