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School's Multipurpose Room Dividers

The Location

South Shore Charter Public School

The Challenge

Divide School Multipurpose Room with Adaptable Partitions

The Solution

Schools and other educational facilities can have multiple uses for a single room. Sometimes two classes can happen at once within the same space or have a quick turnaround between them. For this reason, educators need their space to be adaptable. Administrators at South Shore Charter Public School had a large area with many daily separate uses. To maximize their school’s multipurpose room, they have been using the adaptable Screenflex Room Dividers.

The blue Standard Dividers pictured are 6’8″ in height, shielding the computer lab, and most people that would be inside of it. Since multiple classes or activities take place in the room at once, another benefit of these dividers is the sound absorption panels. These panels minimize noise from other classes for high work efficiency. The fabric is also tackable, as shown in the picture, making it easy to display items. The teachers at South Shore were looking for a device that not only divided the space but was also easily adjustable for different activities throughout the day as well. The casters along the bottom and the accordion-style panel folding allow the room to take any number of desired shapes. These teachers are pleased with their partitions and purchased more for other areas of the school as well.

Divide Classrooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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