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Creating a Church Lobby in a One Room Space

Market: Religious
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A set of dividers separates an open room into two areas

The Location

Unashamed Church

The Challenge

Vestibule in a one room church

The Solution

The challenged Unashamed Church faced was creating a church lobby in their one-room facility.  The leaders wanted to create a separate area for their congregants to enter into before going directly into the church area.  Since this is a one-room room facility, the church needed a way to divide the space into two rooms, but have the flexibility to easily transform the space back to one open area for other activities.  By positioning a Screenflex Room Divider at each end of the room, thus splitting the room in half, guests can enter the room, gather, and visit without disrupting the church service occurring on the other side of the dividers.  With this new church lobby, the church has seen an increase in community amongst its members are guests.

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