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Community Recreation Center Facility Space

The Location

Washington Township

The Challenge

Designate multiple rooms in the senior center

The Solution

Community recreation centers are a great example of the open, flexible space architectural design concept.  A community recreation center facility often has large open rooms that can be used for multiple functions.  Throughout our 25 years, Screenflex has worked with facilities to take that open space to the next level.  By using room dividers, the space is transformed into a truly flexible space.  When the room needs to be divided into smaller rooms so that multiple functions may occur simultaneously, simply roll the room divider into place, extend the accordion style panels to create the desired wall and enjoy.  If the large open space is needed, close the room divider panels and roll the unit into storage or along the wall.  It really is that easy.  

“Thanks very much for the note. The partition was delivered on time and in good condition.  We took it out of the box and put it to use right away in our Senior Center.  We use it as a divider between large open spaces and really like the flexibility to be able to use it in a variety of ways and shapes.  It snaps into place and holds very well.  I’m enclosing a quick photo of it as a room divider.  Thanks for your service and speedy delivery!” ~ Rick Lewis, Washington Township Recreation Center

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