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Church Privacy Screens

The Location

House of Faith Ministries- North Brunswick, NJ

The Challenge

Create privacy for children and lactating mothers

The Solution

House of Faith Ministries in North Brunswick, NJ, like to prioritize the new mothers in their community. For this reason, they needed some options for private lactation spaces. As a solution, these church leaders invested in privacy screens to easily section off areas in any room of their facility. By reaching out to Screenflex, House of Faith was able to find the perfect partition for their needs.

The Screenflex Standard Divider is one of the best tools for a church setting. Since these partitions are portable, they can easily create a temporary wall in any space of the room or facility. Even though this partition is open in a straight line in the photo, there are a variety of other formations to create. Screenflex products are also manufactured with quality in mind, so they will last this church for years to come. This divider helps shield breastfeeding mothers and create other private spaces as well. When the portable separator is not in use, it can easily close into a 2ft by 3ft space for out-of-the-way storage. By offering privacy screens, this church helps accommodate its members and all of their needs.

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