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Church Portable Walls Create Versatility

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The Location

St. John Evan Lutheran Church

The Challenge

Sunday school classroom needed

The Solution

St. John Evan Lutheran Church is a family-oriented church focused on the needs of the community.  Located in a popular vacation community, the church faces a fluctuation of visitors from one weekend to the next.  In order to accommodate vacationers on weekends and their church needs during the week, the staff needed a flexible space with movable furniture and walls.  Screenflex church portable walls were the perfect solution to help them achieve their goals.  On Sundays, the church folding partitions are opened and arranged to create multiple classrooms in their multipurpose room.  Teachers tack decorations and learning reinforcements to the fabric walls to create a personalized space.  Some leaders opt to hang the optional Screenflex Whiteboard from their room divider to create an interactive classroom experience.  When Sunday school is completed, the staff closes the portable walls and stores them to the side to create a large open room for large groups Bible studies.  The church staff is amazed at the ease of using the folding walls and versatility it adds to the space.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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