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Church Folding Room Dividers Maximize Ministry Space

The Location

The Redeemer Institute

The Challenge

There is a shortage of private meeting space

The Solution


In today’s growing churches the need for additional space is a must.  Often, this must be accomplished on a limited budget and in a timely manner.  Such was the case with The Redeemer Institute.  Their staff contacted Screenflex Sales Consultant Lourdes Morales and explained their need for additional meeting rooms.  Lourdes listened to their needs and explained that since Screenflex Room Dividers roll on self-leveling caster wheels their fellowship hall can serve many functions.  The 11-panel room divider can be positioned in any shape they needed to create small private rooms, open classrooms or two separate meeting rooms. They can even tack, pin or staple information, flyers or artwork onto the dividers.  Screenflex was pleased to provide them with the right size and color room divider within in their budget.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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