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Church Classroom Space Expansion

The Location

Messiah Lutheran Church, Indianapolis, IN

The Challenge

Create new classroom space and art displays

The Solution

No church looks exactly the same, but they all have similar needs. In particular, Bible studies, Sunday school classrooms, and other fellowships need the proper learning environment that is separate from the sanctuary space. However, you may realize that accommodating this space may require the expansion of your classroom areas in your church. Messiah Lutheran Church discovered they needed to extend their classrooms into their gymnasium for more room. They needed to make separate rooms within their gym for a little privacy. By using Screenflex portable room dividers, this church now has the adaptability in their facility that they need.

This church already had classroom space in their facility, but the expansion into the gym ultimately gives them more to work with. These Standard Room Dividers are five feet tall and range from nine to thirteen panels. The tackable fabric on the panels allows these church leaders to show off artwork and projects from their students. These panels also fold accordion-style to allow the dividers to close compactly for storage and make various shapes. When asked about their products, our contact, Lisa, said: “The partitions are very helpful because they allow us to provide social distancing for our students. Our classrooms are small, and by using the partitions, we can separate into smaller groups to spread out more. We also can divide up our students for lunchtime and free play and still keep them in a semi-enclosed classroom area.”

In general, these partitions make any space multifunctional.

Divide Fellowship Space • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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