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Basement Fellowship Hall Division

The Location

Grace Lutheran Church- Fort Dodge, IA

The Challenge

Occasionally divide basement fellowship hall

The Solution

As a church leader, treat your facility as the ultimate to maximize your activities in the community. Since churches typically have a multipurpose room or two, you can likely host one or two activities simultaneously. Our customer at Grace Lutheran Church needed division in their basement fellowship hall for this very purpose. For partitioning their large hall into smaller meeting spaces, this church uses a Screenflex Standard Room Divider.

The Standard Room Divider is one of the most adaptable and popular Screenflex products for churches and other religious facilities. The panels lock into place when you shape the divider how you prefer it. Grace Lutheran Church primarily opens their partition completely to create a temporary wall effect. When asked about the top benefits of their Screenflex product, our contact said: “[The divider] is a practical way to divide a room for more than one event happening at the same time. We use it for small meetings, Bible studies, or luncheons. Love the sound-deadening qualities and overall look of it. Though the product is primarily needed for division in their basement fellowship, its portability allows it to be used anywhere in the facility.