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Movable Art Show Panels

Market: Education
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The Location

Morris Catholic High School

The Challenge

Need a way to display student artwork in different locations throughout the school

The Solution

Screenflex received this wonderful note along with pictures from Morris Catholic High School.  These words speak highly to the versatility and quality found in Screenflex Dividers. The dividers make great art show panels because of the ease to tack items onto the fabric walls.

We just had our Spring Concert and Fine Art Exhibit last night and the Screenflex dividers are PERFECT for hanging artwork.  We have three, and may at some time in the future purchase a fourth. We used heavy plywood in the past and where ever they were placed, that was where they stayed…also the artwork would fall off and we would spend the evening rehanging work. We found your product is wonderful for not only hanging artwork (with push pins!) but then because they are so mobile, we can arrange the exhibit however we want. We have been using these for the last several years and I would never go back to anything else.”

We are happy you are enjoying the portability of tackability of Screenflex Room Dividers!


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