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Why Screenflex Portable Partitions Are The Best Bang For Your Buck

You’ve decided that purchasing portable walls will help you divide space, create some visual barriers and help with sound control. Okay, we got it. Now how do you choose a room divider that will give you the best bang for your buck?

Sturdy Construction

Most facilities, even those who use our dividers constantly, are able to keep their Screenflex portable walls for many many years. A continuous connection between end support and panel system means a longer useful life. Steel framing ensures stability and strength. Longevity of a product is a necessity. A sturdy product saves you money in the long run.

Portable Solution

Freestanding portable partitions are flexible and versatile. Their lightweight construction along with self-leveling casters allow the dividers to roll smoothly into place. Unlike a permanent wall, portable room dividers can travel from room to room hiding a messy area one day or creating a couple of classrooms the next. Portable walls are a fraction of the cost of permanent walls.Piggy Bank with Money

Flexible Design

Sound absorbing panels fold like an accordion to create an infinite number of configurations for your space dividing needs. Why not use one divider that can accommodate all shapes?

Safety Is Key

Gapless hinges for worry free use. Hands can’t get caught between the panels due to our gap free hinges.  Our wide end frame provides maximum stability because it is built in the shape of a mountain. Thicker at the bottom and thinner on top. Lockable corner casters keep your dividers where they need to stay while in open or closed position. Our control panels keep panels in place.

Save The Earth Put Some Cash In Your Pocket

Screenflex partitions are made right here in the USA with 76% recycled material. Not only are you supporting the U.S. you will also have peace of mind that our recycled product is helping to spare the environment as well. Using recycled product saves the consumer dollars.

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