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Multi-Purpose Sanctuary

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Room Divider creates privacy in a church sanctuary

Screenflex Room Dividers – Building a Multi-Purpose Sanctuary

Today’s design for churches includes the need for flexible spaces.  Churches not only serve the need of their congregation but the needs of the community as well.  For churches that are established and cannot afford construction, adapting their current facility is the best answer.  The best areas to convert into flexible spaces are the sanctuary, meeting hall, or gymnasium.  Using portable church room dividers are cost-effective, efficient, and movable making them ideal to create versatile space.  Consider dividing a meeting hall into several adult classrooms by using free-standing movable partitions. This will allow you to host more classes for your children’s ministry, teen program, or studies.  This large area can also serve several adult fellowship groups and offer a setting for effective teaching by utilizing a small group structure with maximum participation in a conversational tone, rather than the more common, ineffective lecture teaching method.

Room dividers can also be used in a gymnasium to provide space for multiple activities to occur at once.  Host game time on one side of the divider and a meal gathering on the other.  The fabric portable walls absorb sound to create quieter and calm environments.

In addition to using portable church partitions, consider utilizing chairs in common areas is ideal as they can be reconfigured into circles for small groups during Sunday school or prayer meeting.

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