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Multi Purpose Room

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Screenflex Room Dividers ~ Multi Purpose Room Designs

While you may consider it the ideal to have a family night with choir rehearsal, Bible clubs, and adult electives all at the same time, you will defeat your purpose if no one has an adequate functional space. Consider scheduling the club program on a separate night. If you chose to have two morning worship services, make certain that you provide quality worship music. Allow adequate time between sessions to allow people time to fellowship with one another. (This is often the only time the people see others in the church.) You must also double Sunday school capacity by adding classrooms or scheduling multiple sessions. Otherwise, you will not effectively assimilate the worship congregation into participatory church life.

Unless the church architect is a participant in your kind of church, he will not understand these functional concepts. Before engaging the architect, bring the church consultant to your church for ministry, facility, and financial planning. You’ll be glad that you did.


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