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Ordering a Room Divider with Screenflex

Placing an order with Screenflex is easy.  Our professional sales team can help you when ordering your room dividers.

Here are the steps you need to follow when ordering a room divider:

1. Get A Quote
First, you will need to let the sales team know what you are looking for so we can generate a quote. The quote will give you details about the type of room dividers you are looking for and the cost.
2. Provide Billing, Shipping and Contact Name and Numbers
Tell us where billing is sent and where the shipment will be going.  We will need your name and contact phone numbers when we confirm shipment.
3. Let Us Know What You Would Like To Order
Tell us which room dividers you have selected from our product line.  Our sales consultants will assist you in finding the right movable wall partition for your space.
There are 30 fabric colors and 6 vinyl colors to choose from.  Tell us your choice of Screenflex room divider color.
5. E-mail Or Fax Back Your Signed Quote
The signed quote will let us know the details of your order.  Since more than one quote may have been generated, we want to ensure the correct order information. Check the accuracy of the information you provided and make any necessary adjustments before returning your quote.
6. Receive Your Order Confirmation From Screenflex
Your order confirmation will be generated within 24 hours of order placement.
7. Receive Your Delivery Confirmation From The Shipper
The driver will contact you 24-hours before shipment.
8. Enjoy the Space Your Screenflex Room Divider Provides


Your Screenflex Room Dividers will arrive about three weeks after placing your order.  For quick shipping, call for details.  Discover endless possibilities Screenflex room dividers can offer you.  Enjoy!


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