How To Buy A Room Divider – Call us at: (800) 553-0110

Sure we could sell you our product online with no interaction, but because you don’t buy a room divider every day, you may not realize there are a number of cost-saving variables you should consider. That’s why we staff our call center with knowledgeable consultants, trained to listen to what you’re trying to do, and then will help you find the exact solution to meet your needs. Let our professionals help you select the correct product you want. This way, you end up with the exact product you need and not end up with the wrong size divider, or spending more resources than necessary.

How We Help You Buy A Room Divider

a screenflex room dividerWe’ve been helping people with dividing and creating space for over 25 years! We will happily talk you through the steps of measuring your space and then selecting just the right size divider and best fabric color to make the most of your space. We’ll even provide you with a totally free, no-obligation 2-D and 3-D room plans… no kidding, just ask!

Once ordered, each Screenflex product is made according to the customer’s specifications and shipped out directly from our factory, located right here in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

Buy A Room Divider From Screenflex, It’s Quick and Hassle Free!