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How Do you use your Screenflex Room Divider?

Four room dividers used to separate a daycare into smaller classrooms

 Tell us how do you use Your Room Divider?

As we know, more and more of our churches are getting into the ministry of childcare/daycare. This ministry almost always takes place in the church open room, creating the second most popular use of room dividers within a church. How are they helpful you wonder? Well, that’s easy! Oftentimes, such programs minister to children ranging from infant age (3-12 months.) to pre-school (4-5 years). So while the range of age is only 5 years at most, the difference in spatial needs at that young age is much different from a 5-year span as adults. How are those special needs met? With room dividers! Commonly the open room is divided into 3 different sections i.e. nursery, playtime/story/reading area, and nap time area. Obviously, larger programs can have several rooms for each area. Many states have rules/regulations which help make sure that the certified instructors in the child care areas can see the tasks being performed by non-certified instructors/helpers. Thus the height of the room divider and/or if they can be equipped with windows, becomes a consideration. Maintaining a clear line of sight in some fashion between areas is important when setting up room dividers for child care. It is also important to note that this very same room with up to several dividers in use during the day, may need to have the dividers taken down and put away quickly when the last child leaves. This is so the room is wide open during the evening for a large meeting, congregation meal, or some other ministry. Likewise, the dividers need to be put back into the childcare mode by the crack of dawn the next morning. Moral of the story, the easier it is to set up and take down the dividers, the better it is for you!  Be sure to tell us how do you use your Room Divider.


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