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How Do We Use Room Dividers? Let's Count the Ways

Screenflex Room Dividers ~ How do we use Room Dividers? Let’s Count the Ways

By their very nature of being both religious based and community-based, most churches have at least two large open rooms. The first is the sanctuary where the congregation worships, holds ceremonies and other various rites. The second open room has many names. Whether you refer to it as the Fellowship Hall, Family Life Center, Multi-Purpose Room, Basement, or even Gymnatorium, all these names refer to the same basic type of room. These names refer to a large open room to be used for church-based programs/events other than worship. Open rooms are both needed and useful for large gatherings from Awana and Cub Scout meetings to teen dances and wedding receptions. However, what do you do when the large room would be more functional if it was divided into several smaller rooms for Sunday School classes or other purposes?A collection of colorful room dividers in various configurations

The answer obviously is to use Room Dividers! There are 3 different types of Room Dividers commonly used in churches today.

A) Portable, versatile Room Dividers on casters. These tackable, sound absorbing dividers easily roll into place, unfold accordion style and can be set up in any configuration as needed.

B) Office type cubical dividers. These Room Dividers are dragged or carried from the storage closet and placed as desired within the room.

C) Floor to ceiling dividers. These dividers are installed in tracks in the ceiling. When needed, they are pulled along the track to divide the room. To open up the room again, reverse the process.


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