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How Do Room Dividers Absorb Sound?

sound absorbing room dividersRoom Dividers Divide And Conquer

Sight and sound distractions are two of the most important reasons people tend to need room dividers. If you share a space with a group of people, and want to temporarily create a division, try Screenflex Room Dividers. With Screenflex, you can simply roll your divider in place, open up your partition and create rooms for bible study, classrooms, office cubicles and much more.

Sound AbsorptionWhy Screenflex Room Dividers Are Sound Absorbing?

When your Screenflex dividers are set up in a room, you can expect to cut out sound and sight distractions by up to 65%. The reason is because of  the smart engineering of our acoustical sound absorbing panels. The honeycomb core of our panels are light in weight and still substantially stronger than a non-honeycomb core such as foam. We use a 3/4 ” honeycomb core that is covered with two layers of fiberglass insulation and a fabric or vinyl covering. Sound enters through the fabrics into the honeycomb core, trapping and reducing sound echo and reverberation as seen in the illustration.

Tranquility with room dividers

Tranquility with Room Dividers

You will be able to separate your room into two private and functional spaces with less distractions and less noise. Here’s what some of our customers say about these dividers…

Tontogany, OH. We really like the divider because it helps with the distractions of seeing the other students coming and going.  It doesn’t totally stop the sound but it sure helps.

Columbus, OH. Fit the need for portable sound and visual blocking in an educational environment.

St. Paul, MN. The DNR does an annual state fair show which is a big event.  We needed to create a smaller space in our current Theatre area to present Invasive Species video material for a smaller (9-16 people) audience.  This wall partition is the right piece to provide that solution.  Also I wanted to try and reduce the noise level for this space.




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