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Why use a Honeycomb Core for Screenflex Room Dividers?

We are often asked what makes Screenflex Room Dividers so good at absorbing sound?  We are proud to say that the great sound absorbing feature that you enjoy with your Screenflex Portable Partition is all in its unique design.

In the center of each portable room divider panel is a honeycomb core.  Why do we use a honeycomb core?

  • Our honeycomb core helps keep our product lightweight. Each portable room divider weights from 85-240 lbs.
  • The 3/4″ closed cell honeycomb core helps to trap sound.  The state of the art acoustical panel absorbs more sound providing unlimited partitioning possibilities.
  • The core also delivers extra strength and stability and is a better bond to the fiberglass facing.

Sound Absorbing Panels

Part of our core is environmentally friendly fiberglass insulation.  Why use fiberglass facing in our room dividers?

  • The 10 lb. compressed fiberglass facing is bonded to both sides of the honeycomb core.  The fiberglass assists with reducing sound by dampening sound waves.  Additionally, we use two layers of insulation on both sides of the divider for added sound absorbing qualities.  Unlike cheaper room dividers that use only one layer of insulation.
  • Non-woven fiberglass and fabric combination accepts tacks, push pins and staples allowing you to create instant training rooms, extra classrooms and the perfect place to display posters, pictures, and relevant information.
  • Fiberglass is strong for its weight and generates a fire rating for our room dividers.

The core is surrounded by a 26 gauge galvanized steel frame.  Why use a galvanized steel frame?

  • The steel frame adds great strength and durability for long-lasting use.

After doing a little investigating about the core of our Screenflex room dividers I found that every layer has a purpose.  The entire process enhances the panel’s tackability, sound absorbency, and strength of our dividers.  There are many years behind working on the engineering of our room dividers.  Enjoy the possibilities that our room dividers have to offer.


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