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Mount a Freestanding Room Divider Temporarily


Video Transcript: How to Mount a Freestanding Room Divider

At Screenflex, we are often asked, how can I mount my Freestanding room divider to a wall?  Mounting a Screenflex Freestanding room divider to a wall requires a special wall frame sold as an option. The wall frame bar is permanently attached to your wall with screws at the top and at the bottom.  We will hold our bar against the wall for this illustration. The wall frame then acts as a mounting point to attach a room divider with a unit with multi-unit connectors. Simply roll the Freestanding room divider up against the bar and connect it with the latch.  To release it, flip the latch in the opposite direction and move the divider away.  You can have as many wall frames as you need places to attach your divider to your facility. For a more permanent solution order our wall mount dividers instead of the Freestanding models.  Thank you very much.

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