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Are Freestanding Portable Partitions Easy To Move?

A man and two women each stand next to a Screenflex Portable Room DividerOur marketing team worked on a video project this morning. Monica, Steve and I are putting together videos to answer frequently asked customer questions like, “How many room dividers do I need to create 4 rooms?” or “Are room dividers soundproof?” You can find these and other FAQ videos on our website or on YouTube.

Three freestanding portable partitions were used for our “new” video. We had a great time pinning & stapling on the Screenflex panels. Each of us wheeled our dividers down through the office area over carpet and back through the production department on a concrete surface and at one point over a grassy area where we set up for our video shoot. I found pushing and pulling the dividers effortless. I remembered that our corner casters have a self-leveling feature that helps with uneven surfaces.  Even on grass, I had no problems moving the divider. I also found that when we moved the dividers through the building I had an unobstructed line of sight. The dividers can be quite tall to create private classrooms and a typical divider height is around 6′. It’s great that when the dividers are folded up for transport, they don’t block your view.

Pictured from left to right is one Standard eleven-panel room divider, one Light Duty five-panel room divider & one Standard three-panel room divider.




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