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Fiberglass Materials Enhance Sound Absorption For Your Folding Wall Dividers

Benefits to Your Screenflex Room Dividers

Benefits to Your Screenflex Room Dividers

We use insulation in our folding wall dividers mainly for its sound absorption and tackability. There are many other benefits to fiberglass. Fiberglass material provides durability, strength, and resistance to weathering.

Interesting Fiberglass Facts

Did you know that in 1953, the body of the first Chevrolet Corvette was made completely out of fiberglass?  The Corvette was actually not the first vehicle made with a fiberglass body.  Actually, the Glasspar G2 built in 1942 was the first. Unlike the Corvette, the Glasspar G2 is no longer built.  However, Bill Tritt, the creator of the Glasspar G2 later worked for Douglas Aircraft’s Production Planning and Illustration Department.  Tritt built a number of catamaran sailboats during World War II.  Bill’s interest in boats and cars led him to build and design boats and cars for Disneyland, Singer Car Company, Glasspar Company, and Volvo.  Why is this important?  Is demonstrates the reliability of fiberglass.

History of Fiberglass

Back before the birth of Christ, ancient Egyptians created and used fiberglass fibers for decorations.  The fiberglass they used was from coarse glass fibers.  Owens Glass Company and Corning Glass Company developed fiberglass in the 1930’s.  Now, fiberglass is used for insulation, roofing, masonry products, noise control and more.


I found an interesting sound absorption study.  A college student from California State experimented with various materials to study which materials made the best sound absorbers.  Terry cloth, fiberglass, open cell foam, and wood were used to determine the findings.  An L-shaped tunnel was lined with each material.  A note was generated through the tunnel. A computer analyzed the recorded sound.  The results indicated that the fiberglass absorbed the most sound.

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