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Room Dividers Bring Feng Shui & Can Improve Your Classroom Energy

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10 Feng Shui Tips InfographicObtaining good Feng Shui can be a real challenge in the classroom but can provide a better atmosphere for learning and maximum productivity for your students. Room Dividers also can help improve the energy in your room when you incorporate simple Feng Shui methods.

Feng Shui has been an art of balancing the energy in a room in to possess good fortune and health. It really does make sense. Using Feng Shui can make a difference in your classroom!  Feng means wind and Shui means water. The two together are associated with focusing quality energy through out your room. Here are some ways to improve your space and to help you boost productivity in your classroom:

Get Rid of Clutter!

If your classroom is short on storage, try a portable room divider to hide clutter. Clutter is one of the most harmful aspects of destroying good Feng Shui. To create a clutter free environment, open up a room divider and store unsightly clutter in or behind your divider for a tidier room. Your students will thank you, and there will be fewer distractions in your classroom.

Outdoors In!

Use lots of earth toned colors and plants to keep your room peaceful! When you bring nature into your classroom, kids are more relaxed and comfortable. Screenflex offers an array of colors to compliment your room and keep the room airy, bright and tranquil. Doing this will help to improve the energy in the classroom and improve productivity.

No Sharp Corners!

Softening Corners will give you a room with better flow. You can use a room divider to soften those corners. Curved corners make a great reading spot for kids. Comfortable and focused spaces perfect for learning!

Music to My Ears!

Music is soothing, relaxing and sometimes energizing! Playing music in your classroom promotes a learning and creativity.

No Stress!

Creating a stress-free environment will help provide a positive learning environment. I liked this article describing how Feng Shui encourages kids to work hard and learn more.

There are some skeptics when it comes to Feng Shui, however, using these simple techniques make sense and when used in the classroom, Feng Shui can heighten student learning abilities and promote creativity too. Room Dividers might help you achieve good Feng Shui in your classroom. So much so that you might also need a spot for all of the creative projects your kids turn in! The good news is, room divider panels are a great place to pin, tack or staple your student’s art work!

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