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Top 10 Screenflex Room Dividers Features To Look For

Image of feature wall room divider options and standards

Feature wall room divider on display

The most efficient way to temporarily divide space is with Screenflex room dividers!  Room dividers are perfect in any space, large or small. These days, many of you are looking for a divider that is multi-functional. Not only do you need a room divider that can divide your space, but you want a divider that can provide visual privacy as well as have sound absorbing properties too. I don’t blame you, I’d want my divider to do all that and more!

When you are looking for a room divider, there are 10 important room divider features to look for when you’re deciding on which room divider you choose. These features are Screenflex customers tell us are their favorites! Take a look…

  1. Low & Wide End Frame – We purposely keep the end frames of a Screenflex divider low, wide, and open. This lowers the unit’s center of gravity and makes for a very stable room divider. It also allows you to move your divider around with an unobstructed view and to easily pull the divider behind you.
  2. Self Leveling Casters Whether you are moving or setting up your divider, the self-leveling casters keep your room dividers moving smoothly. For even more support the corner casters lock into place keeping your divider right where you want it.
  3. Top to Bottom Connections Between Panels – Full-length piano hinges give stability and privacy. Every panel is connected together with one screw every 4 inches. That’s a lot of screws!
  4. Position Controllers – A Position Controller is placed at the top of each panel hinge. The controllers lock the panel section securely in place. The Position Controller will click into place so you know it is secure.
  5. Sound Absorbing/Tackable Panels – Panels absorb up to 65% of sound waves. Great for cutting distractions and panels are perfect bulletin boards.
  6. Designer Colors – Pick from 36 included and upgraded colors. Vinyl, fabric, and murals offered.
  7. Free Floor Planning Service – We offer a free floor planning service to all of our customers.
  8. Storage Latch – Keeps your divider closed during storage and when moving your unit.
  9. 36 Sizes – You can select from 6 heights and 6 lengths to fit your space.
  10. Flexibility – Create various shapes. Curved, straight or angled… Screenflex can do it all. Add a multi-unit connector and string 2, 3 or more dividers together.



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