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Wondering How Ergonomics Can Help With Your Workplace Activities?

Makeshift standing desk - how ergonomics can help

How ergonomics can help in the workplace

The concept of ergonomics has been around for a long time.   Humans have always worked to do things quicker and more efficiently while at the same time cut as much physical and emotional stress as possible.  Using good ergonomics can increase productivity and optimize human well-being.

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I thought detailing how ergonomics can help people in their workplace activities would be a great topic to talk about today.  As I walked past several offices, I noticed those good ergonomic strategies were being displayed everywhere in our Screenflex facility.  Cheryl, our Manager of Dealer Sales, uses an Aero-mat balance disk and a foot rest.  Nancy, Kim, and Karen, our Sales Consultants, use a keyboard palm support as well as headsets.  John, our President, uses a ball to help keep his back and neck aligned.  Scott, our Director of IT, stands instead of sitting to help with any back strain and overall health.  In a recent report, The New York Times Magazine tracked 123,000 Americans and their daily activities.  The death rate for men who spent more than 6 hours a day sitting was 20% higher than men who sat 3 hours or less. The death rate in women is 40% higher.  Yikes!!

Here are a few tips for practicing good ergonomics:

Ergonomic ball chair at a desk

  1. Keep your computer monitor below the normal vision line.  It will keep you from wrenching your neck.
  2. Your feet should always be flat on the floor.  Doing this will help keep your back in alignment.
  3. Check your backrest.  The correct ergonomic position of the seat back is at a slight angle.
  4. Stand and stretch your back from time to time.  Getting up will keep your blood moving and make you feel energized.
  5. Exercise!  Regular exercise will help the body stay aerobically conditioned while weight training will help keep muscles strong.
  6. Keep knees at a 90-degree angle when sitting.  Don’t tuck knees in toward the back of your chair.  When your knees are tucked, you start to hunch over.

Following these tips will help you improve your productivity, avoid injury and improve your overall health.

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By: Julie Wenckowski
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