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Employee Highlight ~ Chela Carransa, Production Staff

Screenflex Production Employee Highlight ~ Chela Carransa

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Chela Carransa of Screenflex Production Staff

Chela has been with Screenflex for over 16 years. She works in our production department and does various jobs throughout production.

Chela has two boys, 20 and 6 years old. She enjoys spending time with them.

A favorite Screenflex memory of Chela’s is when John cooks out for them. For every ten years of service, John cooks a special lunch to celebrate their anniversary.  Another special memory that Chela looks forward to creating, is at the annual Christmas parties. She has met a lot of nice friends through Screenflex and she said that it is a nice time for friends to come together and just have fun.

Chela likes to cook and clean. Her favorite recipes are beef tacos and flautas.

When I asked Chela if she had any pets she said, “No, but I like cats”.

Zacatecas, Mexico is Chela’s absolute favorite vacation spot. She likes to visit there often.

Thank you Chela for 16 years of service. We honor you today.




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