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“Thank you for calling [Company Name]. How may I assist you today?” 

Most of us have heard that line before when reaching out to business for assistance, courtesy of a representative in a call center. These buzzing hubs of high energy play a pivotal role in commerce, making sales, providing support, and delivering product or service information. And with the average call center handling 4,400 calls a month, that’s a lot of customer service.  

When it comes to call centers, the ability to manage large volumes of incoming and outgoing calls is crucial. The design of your call center’s floor plan is not to be overlooked; it’s a critical element in establishing a comfortable, productive, and effective workspace for your team. It’s no surprise, then, that cubicles are a critical element of any call center office plan. 


Cubicle Benefits 

Let’s dive into the benefits of cubicles, shall we? 

  1. Privacy

Cubicles provide a secluded workspace, ensuring employees have the necessary privacy to handle confidential conversations and focus on their tasks without unnecessary auditory and visual distractions. 

  1. Collaboration

Despite individual privacy, cubicles promote collaboration by creating a structured environment where team members can easily communicate and work together when needed, fostering a balanced combination of teamwork and individual focus. 

  1. Cost-effectiveness

The modular design and efficient use of space in cubicles contribute to cost savings. By maximizing the available space, companies can often accommodate more employees within a given area compared to open floor plans, making cubicles a financially prudent choice. 

  1. Reconfigurability

The best call center cubicles are designed to be flexible, allowing for easy reconfiguration of the workspace as organizational needs evolve. This adaptability ensures that the office layout can be adjusted to accommodate changes in team structures or workflow requirements. 

  1. Space utilization

Cubicles are designed with thoughtful space utilization in mind, making the most of the available square footage. This is especially beneficial in call center environments where a balance between individual workstations and shared spaces is crucial for operational efficiency. 

  1. Noise reduction

The partitioned design of cubicles helps mitigate noise levels, creating a more focused and productive atmosphere.  

  1. Professionalism

Cubicles contribute to the overall professional appearance of a call center. The structured layout not only enhances the visual appeal of the workspace but also reinforces a sense of professionalism among employees, which can positively impact customer interactions and the overall image of the organization.

Call Center Cubicle Needs 

Call center staff dedicate extensive hours to their workstations, engaging in repetitive tasks and addressing customer inquiries. This continuous workflow necessitates an environment that fosters productivity while respecting individual workspaces. Here are some tips for setting up cubicles in call centers:   

  1. Smaller footprint: Optimize your cubicles to make the most of the usually limited space.
  2. Clearance: Leave ample space between cubicle rows to enhance circulation and meet fire code and ADA standards.
    3. Noise-dampening: Incorporate acoustic panels to absorb sound and maintain a focused environment.
  3. Sight lines: Integrate glass or plexiglass for open sight lines, fostering easier collaboration and supervision.
  4. Productivity: A streamlined workspace leads to less distraction, enabling workers to handle more calls efficiently.
  5. Durability: Given the constant communication flow, opt for long-lasting, sturdy, and durable cubicles to support call center agents who spend substantial time at their desks.
  6. Aesthetic: With a tidier look and less individual desk space, cubicles offer a presentable design, enhancing the overall office space.

Flex on Your Call Center with Screenflex

Where can one get cubicles that deliver on all of the above? Screenflex Officeflex™ Cubicles are an economical solution for private employee workstations. These cubicles have lightweight aluminum frames that are sturdy and easy to move. Officeflex is available in single, corner, and double configurations and offers two length and height combinations to choose from. These temporary walls are also easy to assemble and reconfigure as needed, especially if the business needs to accommodate a growth in employees.   

These dividers are made to absorb sound, so you can say goodbye to annoying background noise and chatter. If you’re all about customization, there’s even an option to add a window. And here’s the real kicker — these dividers are a smart, budget-friendly way to make the most of your space. No need for pricey permanent construction or fancy individual offices.  

Ready to optimize your call center with Screenflex Officeflex Cubicles? Shop the cubicles here, or call 855-960-6020 or reach out to one of Screenflex’s sales consultants for a consultation and support.  


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