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Design a Tranquil Sanctuary Through Sensory Rooms and Areas

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Sensory processing disorder (SPD) affects 5-16% of children in the U.S. It entails challenges in recognizing, regulating, and understanding sensory inputs, including loud sounds, intense lights, or other stimuli affecting the five senses. Sensory rooms offer significant advantages to individuals with SPD by offering a structured setting for sensory integration and regulation. Sensory rooms and environments require thoughtful design, and room dividers can help achieve this.

What Is a Sensory Room?
Sensory rooms, or multisensory environments, are designed to provide a controlled and immersive sensory experience, promoting development and well-being. They offer a powerful therapeutic tool for individuals with various challenges, including sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), anxiety and other cognitive conditions. Fact: SPD occurs in about 90% of people living with ASD and 50-64% of people living with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Imagine a space bathed in soft hues that lull the mind, while vibrant accents pique curiosity. Dimmable LED lights allow you to tailor the atmosphere, while interactive elements and textured surfaces invite exploration. Visually engaging features complete the picture, transforming the room into a multi-sensory playground. Here, children can freely explore, embarking on a journey of discovery that fosters their overall well-being.

Sensory Room Designs and Must-Haves

Sensory rooms offer controlled stimuli, helping children explore at their own pace. Consider these sensory room ideas to make your space as beneficial as possible:

Colors and lighting play a vital role in sensory environment ambiance. Soft hues like blues and greens promote calmness, while vibrant accents can spark curiosity. And ditch the harsh fluorescents. Opt for dimmable LED lights or color-changing bulbs to create a dynamic experience. Here’s where room dividers come in — they can create color-themed zones, offering diverse sensory environments within a single space!

Themes add depth and ignite creativity. Room dividers help you create distinct areas. Imagine a nature-themed zone with calming colors, outdoorsy sounds, and painting with nature activities (using natural elements, like leaves and pinecones to paint) — a tranquil escape! Research shows that nature has a profound therapeutic effect. An under-the-sea zone could feature calming blue hues, ocean sounds, and bubble tubes for a stimulating yet relaxing experience.










Sensory rooms offer a symphony of experiences in a confined space. Dividers can separate zones catering to touch, sound, and sight. One zone may focus on tactile exploration with textured walls and plush mats, while another emphasizes auditory experiences with calming music and soundproofing panels. This prevents sensory overload by providing individualized experiences for all ages. Many Screenflex dividers are tackable, allowing for further customization with artwork, glow-in-the-dark decals, textured surfaces, and more.

This is where the magic happens: sensory room equipment! Bubble tubes, fidget toys, textured and interactive panels, exercise and yoga balls, fiber optics, projectors, and weighted blankets provide a variety of experiences that cater to different sensory needs.

When designing sensory room ideas, comfort is essential for relaxation and exploration. Ensure a safe space with appropriate padding on walls and floors, and don’t forget the importance of close supervision. Also, add rocking chairs, bean bags, and gel floor tiles to create a calming atmosphere that invites children to unwind and engage with the space.

Bring Your Sensory Room Ideas to Life
Creating a sensory room for people of all ages is a great way to embrace their needs and provide them adequate releases. By following these tips and tricks and utilizing the power of room dividers, you can create a multi-sensory haven that fosters exploration, relaxation, and well-being. Start by browsing our room dividers and other products to elevate your multisensory environment.

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