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At Screenflex, we feel it is important to keep abreast of the ever changing needs within our community and the clients we serve. We continue to add blog posts to our page to educate others on issues as they relate to our customer base. It may be a simple post on how a church uses space to teach dance to low-income residents in the community, a local art gallery that features upcoming artist, or the myriad of ways Screenflex Room Dividers are used as theatre backdrops, tack art panels, or advertising strategic plan boards. Regardless the use, Screenflex Room Dividers are a versatile mobile bulletin board, sound absorbing wall or room divider. The possibilities are endless.

Free Standing Wall Divider Increases Classroom Dynamics

It’s already July, and back-to-school season is just around the corner! Soon enough, the warm summer nights will give way…

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6 Marketing Opportunities for the Fourth of July

With America’s most patriotic holiday right around the corner, we have come up with six easy ways to incorporate some…

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How Room Dividers Can Transform your Summer Library Program

  Local libraries do a fantastic job of providing fun and educational programming for kids of all ages that keeps…

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8 Tips for a Successful VBS

Summer is right around the corner! That means Vacation Bible Schools across the nation will be gearing up in the…

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How To Optimize Your Space on Graduation Day

Honesty time. I think Pomp and Circumstance is just about the most frustrating thing to listen to over and over…

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Research Poster Presentation Fair Space

As the international academic climate becomes increasingly competitive, many US universities have turned to an emphasis on student-based research programs…

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How Portable Room Dividers Can Help You Transform Your Career Fair

When planning a career fair, the biggest obstacle can be optimizing the use of your event space. Managing human traffic…

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Emergency Room Spillover into Hallways Create Patient Risk at Halifax Hospital: study | CTV News

Emergency room spillovers have become a common occurrence over the last few years.  The medical staff is forced to give medical…

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4 Ways to Create a Welcoming Church Lobby

Did you know it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression? That means when people walk through the…

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Rethinking Classroom Design to Promote Student Collaboration and Creativity | EdSource

But how much do large, flexible spaces promote student collaboration and creativity?The answer is that they matter a lot, said…

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4 Things Millennials Look for in the Workplace That You Need to Start Doing Now

  The push for creating a dynamic and engaging corporate culture is at an all-time high. Companies and firms are…

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5 Ways to Manage Seasonal Church Crowds

Around Easter and the holiday season, many churches see their attendance skyrocket with new or seasonal church-goers. Managing unexpected crowds…

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