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How Can I Customize My Room Dividers?

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People often ask if we can build custom room dividers. Custom rooms can definitely be created with our room dividers! Let me explain how.

Whether it be a classroom, office, cafeteria or fellowship hall, no two rooms are exactly the same, and that doesn’t mean that Screenflex doesn’t have the right size, height and length divider you need. On the contrary, we can help you fit and find exactly what you need.  How do we do that? We offer free custom floor planning to all of our customers who want to get the most efficient space options at the best price, that’s how. Customers often ask us,

Can I customize my room dividers?

Screenflex Room Dividers come in 36 combinations of heights and lengths as well as a large variety of colorful fabrics and vinyl options from which to choose. These options will allow you to create the perfect height, length, and color of room dividers that suit your space needs and decor.

We can help you to customize your dividing options by using our Free Space Planning service. Even though you can’t order custom room dividers, we can give you the plans to achieve the shape, size and dimensions you need for your facility. When you talk to our space planning specialist, she can combine your specific height and length and preferred color choices along with your dimensions and tailor the dividers to your space needs.

Your room dividers can create the room shape you need to hide storage items, create classrooms, control crowds, cut distractions including sound, and a lot more!

Free Space PlanningA sketch of two room dividers splitting a room into three classrooms A virtual image of two folding partition walls separating a room into three classrooms

Working from your sketch, our design team will prepare the most cost-effective plan for your facility. One room or many rooms, you will receive a 2D and 3D floor plan of your room divider layout. From here you will be able to see exactly how room dividers will fit into your space. Take a look at the sample floor plans.


How flexible are Screenflex Room Dividers? Flexible enough to create a room in the shape of a heart! You can configure your room dividers into an infinite number of shapes.

I’m impressed that our room dividers could form a heart-shaped. Even if your room has an odd shape, our room dividers will conform and bend to create the divided space you need.

Then, in March we made a room in the shape of a shamrock using 4 room dividers.

No matter what the shape or size of your room, Screenflex has a plan to create a functional space for your facility.



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