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Will Antimicrobial Room Dividers Keep You Healthier?

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Antimicrobial Room Dividers inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

This post is for all of you germaphobes out there! Screenflex now offers antimicrobial room dividers.

Why is it that when one kid gets sick in class at least 2 or 3 are sick at the same time? Here’s why. Did you know that cold and flu viruses can live on hard surfaces like desks and textbooks from 2-8 hours, and up to 3 hours on your skin? Some harmful bacteria can survive on a surface for months. We all know that with frequent hand washing and the use of antibacterial gels when you’re sick can help to prevent germs from spreading to others.

With your health in mind, Screenflex now offers Antimicrobial Room Dividers. Your classroom or Sunday school room will be a little healthier with this option. Perfect for cold and flu season.

Antimicrobial Room Dividers ~ Germ-Free Living

Antimicrobial room dividers help to resist harmful bacteria that can make you sick.  When you are using portable partitions, protect your classroom with Screenflex antimicrobial panels that will inhibit or kill the growth of those microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

The flu is rampant this time of the year. Antimicrobial surfaces help to kill the bad bacteria, so they don’t live there for long. Reduce the risk of spreading the cold or flu virus germs in your classroom!

Antimicrobial Room Dividers come in 36 combinations of heights and lengths. Choose from vinyl or fabric options with many complementary colors to choose from.

Panels accept tacks, staples, pins, Velcro or felt. Perfect for displaying art and teaching materials.

You can set up your dividers to create different shapes depending on what you need. Create a room, hide storage items, chairs, and tables, make a flow of traffic using your divider. Many possibilities.

Don’t forget, Screenflex room dividers are made in the USA!


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