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Standard Room Divider Assembly



Here’s a quick video on how to assemble your Standard Room Divider upon arrival.

Included in the packaging is an assembly kit with instructions and all the necessary tools and parts. 

This kit includes: 4 “handle” tubes, 2 “caster” tubes, 2 gusset plates, 2 Allen wrenches, 4 button head bolts, and 12 self-tapping screws.

First, use two people to safely lift the partition onto a tabletop or another flat surface.

For best results, keep one panel hanging over the edge of the table for when it’s time to assemble the other side.

In alphabetical order from A to D, insert two handle tubes into the designated holes.

To secure the caster and handle tubes together, insert bolts into the two holes on the bottom of the caster tube. Tighten the bolts with the Allen wrench.

Using the self-tapping screws, attach the gusset plate to the caster tube and bottom of the first panel where there are three holes in each.

Then simply repeat the process for the other end panel of the partition. 

When both sides are assembled, carefully lift the divider back onto the ground.

And now after only a few minutes, your Screenflex divider is ready for use.