Ten Illinois Laws 2012 You Might Like to Know About

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Two weeks into the new year and with the new year brings new laws. Illinois laws and amendments that have come into effect since January 1, 2012,  are worth noting.  Illinois passed 200 new laws this past year. Here are ten new laws that you might like to know about:

Videos for the Front Seat

TV/Video monitors are allowed in the front seat of your vehicle but it needs to be mounted where the driver can’t view it.

Discarding Electronics

Discarding old electronics such as televisions, computers, laptops, printers, DVD players, computer keyboards will now be illegal in the State of Illinois.  Certain electronics will need to be recycled instead of thrown in the dumpster to prevent hazardous materials from seeping into the ground water.

Seatbelts for Adults

Adults riding in the back seat of a vehicle will need to be buckled. Previously, the law did not include adults riding in the back seat. If you are caught not buckled you may get ticketed and fined $25.00.

Run a Red Light

Motorcyclists and bicyclists can go through a red light if they have waited a certain length of time and the sensor is not realizing that the cyclists are there. This applies only to areas outside of Cook County.

Taxicabs and Seat Belts

Taxicab drivers must use seat belts when transporting kids to school.

Sex Offenders on Campus

Sex offenders who work or attend a college or institution of higher education must now register with local law enforcement as well as campus public safety or security director.

Suspension for Gross Misconduct

Schools can suspend or expel students for gross misconduct over the internet and cell phones.

Drano Law

If you need to unclog your sink or tub, understand that there is a new law that states that an id must be shown and a log of your purchase will be required.  After Drano was used as a weapon scarring two Chicago women.  Caustic/Corrosive substances like ingredients in Drano will be monitored.

60 Minute of Reading for Students

Students grades K-3 who is performing below one grade level, will be encouraged to read 60 minutes per day per student.

Aquarium & Museum Free Days

Illinois residents will now enjoy 52 days of free admission to The Shedd Aquarium, Art Institute, Museum of Science and Industry and Adler Planetarium due to a state law revision regarding the Chicago Park District. During the months of January and February there will be numerous free days to residents.