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Screenflex Mom Makes Quilts For At Risk Babies

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I’ve heard stories about mom’s having their babies in a car or on their way to the hospital many times. Sometimes no matter how well we plan, the unexpected just happens.

My pregnancies couldn’t have been more textbook. Everything I read is exactly what I got. Fatigue, heartburn, flutters in the stomach, strange food cravings, it was all good. Each month I knew exactly what to expect. Even the delivery was textbook. Talk about boring! I’m really just kidding when I say boring. No complications along with a perfect delivery what more can you ask for?

It’s been eight years since my youngest was born. You forget about those nine months after several years. Anyway, I started thinking about my “boring” pregnancy after chatting a bit with Robin, one of our Screenflex ladies. Robin’s niece is having her first child in the fall so she sewed an adorable quilt, pillow case and bag for her niece and the baby.

Robin told me that her favorite hobby is sewing quilts. She likes sewing quilts so much, she actually has her own sewing room (her favorite room in her home). Robin has sewed quilts for over 25 years. I thought to myself, Wow! That’s a lot of quilts! She went on to explain that she is so passionate about sewing quilts, she could potentially end up making more quilts than her family needs. Several years back, Robin found a way to continue her love for sewing and help some babies and their parents with her special gift.

Robin's Quilt

What I find extraordinary, is that even though Robin works full-time, is a full-time mom and a full-time grandma, she still finds time to sew quilts for the Algonquin Quilt Guild. Every year, at risk babies are born at Sherman Hospital in Algonquin. The Algonquin Quilt Guild donates about 100 quilts to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit each year. Many babies are born early and families are unable to prepare. Quilts are a great source of comfort to babies and their parents. Robin has made over 50 quilts over the past ten years for many moms with high risk pregnancies.

What is the easiest way to make great quilts? Robin shares that she uses a Screenflex room divider to help her organize all the square fabrics. Divider panels are easy to tack on and panels will accept tacks, straight pins, push pins and more. Wheels lock in place for extra stability. Dividers are great to display on too!




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