Display Towers

5' 9" 6' 5"

Approximate 3-panel & 6-panel lengths

3' 1" 6' 2"
dr db ds dv da dn dy dw do dd dj dm de dp dg dt dx eb eg em en eo ew sb sg sm sn so sw sx

Screenflex Art Display Systems are the easy, economical, and portable way to display information or create stunning portable art shows or exhibits.art Display system

Each art display system is constructed from sound absorbing, tackable panels covered with long-lasting fabric. Screenflex display systems arrive fully assembled and ready for use! Create instant information stations, display artwork, registration materials or directions. If desired, the unit folds compactly when not in use. A durable black powder coated steel frame surrounds each Display Tower panel. Additionally, durable locking caster wheels secure the tower into place. These fabric-covered display board walls are perfect for art shows, classrooms, and more!

  • Six-panel Display Tower provides 136 sq. ft. of tackable surface
  • Three-panel Display Tower offers 68 sq. ft. of a display area

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sound absorbing panels sound absorbing panels

Sound Absorbing Panels

Each 3/4-inch-thick panel is made of a closed-cell honeycomb core for maximum sound absorption  Followed by two layers of environmentally friendly insulation to absorb ambient noise.  The panel is then covered in 76% recycled fabric to reduce noise by up to 55%.  A steel frame surrounds the entire panel for added strength.

Display Items on Portable Partitions Display Items on Portable Partitions

Tackable Finish

Like a bulletin board, you can pin, staple, or tack items directly onto the panels. Screenflex Room Dividers are constructed using 3/4-inch-thick panels made out of a closed-cell honeycomb core covered with two layers of fiberglass insulation overlayed with stitch-bonded polyester fabric to provide you with years of dependable use.

Corner locking corner caster on a fabric panel

Locking Corner Caster

Pedal activated brakes on Locking Corner Casters keep the Display Tower panels secure and steady. Our self-leveling casters swivel 360 degrees for easy positioning and setup.

A turn of the PaneLock secures the panels into position A turn of the PaneLock secures the panels into position

PaneLocks Fix to Position

To keep your Display Tower in the desired open position, panelocks provide the answer.  The 3-panel Display Tower has a 1 PaneLock on the top and bottom of the middle hinge and the 6–panel display tower has three PaneLocks on both the top and bottom of the two middle panels.  A simple turn of the rubber coated Screenflex PaneLocks secure the room divider panels in place at any angle.

Industrial strength hinge

Durable Full-Length Hinge

Black metal full-length hinges connect to each tackable panel every four inches form top to bottom, to provide strength and stability.

Made in the USA and environmentally friendly Made in the USA and environmentally friendly

Made in the U.S.A

Screenflex dividers are proudly Made in the U.S.A. using 76% recycled material.

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Hang up to 8 Pieces of Framed Artwork on One Hanger Hang up to 8 Pieces of Framed Artwork on One Hanger

Artwork Hanger

The 45" long steel Artwork Hanger hooks over the top of any Screenflex Room Divider or Display Tower, making it easy to display up to 8 pieces of art. Hooks are stamped into the hanger to support display materials not easily pinned.

Glides Replace a Caster for a More Permanent Room Divider Option Glides Replace a Caster for a More Permanent Room Divider Option


Non-rolling, self-leveling Glides can be used to replace casters on all divider legs.  The adjustable glides are ideal when a semi-permanent use of the partition is desired.  Available on dividers up to 6'-8" in height only.

Factory Applied Treatment Guards Against Stains Factory Applied Treatment Guards Against Stains

Scotchgard Treatment

Protect your Screenflex Room Divider investment with a Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector treatment. Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector protects your room dividers from dirt and stains. This option is factory applied to the fabric panels for professional results.

White Erase Panels

Dry Erase Panels

High-quality dry erase material can be applied to any number of Screenflex panels.  Ideal for mobile presentations and instructions.  The bright white writable material can be written on and wiped clean, over and over again without ghosting.

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Three Sample Swatches Free Fabric Samples
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Designer Fabric - 100% Recycled Polyester

  • DR: Primary Red

    Primary Red

  • DB: Lake


  • DS: Primary Blue

    Primary Blue

  • DV: Navy


  • DA: Apple Green

    Apple Green

  • DN: Mallard


  • DY: Primary Yellow

    Primary Yellow

  • DW: Desert


  • DO: Walnut


  • DD: Dark Brown

    Dark Brown

  • DJ: Orange


  • DM: Rose


  • DE: Auburn


  • DP: Purple


  • DG: Stone


  • DT: White


  • DX: Charcoal Black

    Charcoal Black

Excel Fabric - 100% Recycled Polyester

  • EB: Summer Blue

    Summer Blue

  • EG: Grey Smoke

    Grey Smoke

  • EM: Cranberry


  • EN: Sea Green

    Sea Green

  • EO: Beech


  • EW: Sand


Select Fabric Upgrade

  • SB: Blue


  • SG: Grey


  • SM: Mauve


  • SN: Green


  • SO: Oatmeal


  • SW: Wheat


  • SX: Black


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Quick Response
The Room Dividers are AMAZING! We are using them to display art. We have purchased in the past. Our buying experience was Great!  
We have not used these yet, but they look like exactly what we were hoping to use for our Art Festivals and throughout the school year. We had very helpful service and quick response times. It looks excellent and we will have versatility over the cardboard display boards. It is a quality looking product!    
We have unpacked and looked at the room dividers but have not yet had the opportunity to use them. We bought them for our county fair which happens in August. We will use them to display artwork at the county fair. These new room dividers will be an upgrade to our art displays and make our youth building more appealing to the public. Customer service was very friendly and answered all my questions.
The dividers are great so far! We are using them in our entryway gallery for the display of student art. The benefit of the dividers is the ability to display artwork even when the main walls are full.
We purchased room dividers from Screenflex about two years ago. We used them to display our student artwork throughout our school and for art shows off sight. We were so happy with the quality and the look of them as well as how well they worked that we decided to purchase more of them. We decided not only to purchase more of the accordian style dividers but the three sided tower type displays. We are extremely pleased with how quickly they were delivered, the quality of the boards were amazing and the ease in ordering was wonderful. It was extremely easy to purchase. I requested a quote and received it back within a half an hour. When ordering, it went very easy as well. We will continue to make more purchases from Screenflex for our displays in the future. TOP 3 BENEFITS: The Screenflex products work wonderfully for displaying the student work. We are able to set up the displays in our classrooms and then move them up to where we would like to set up displays. They are very easy to move, extremely sturdy and very clean looking.
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