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Charter School Convention Interview

Last month we published the interview between Tony Jones, the editor of Charter Schools Insider and Rich Maas, VP of Screenflex.  Subjects such as what features administrators look for in a Portable Room Dividers, and how they use them to help better manage their facility were discussed.

 A post-convention interview was held to gauge the results of working the convention.  Presented below is that interview:

 1. What were your impressions of the 2011 National Charter Schools Conference? How did your company benefit the most?

            The 2011 Charter School Convention once again was a very good investment of time for all involved.  The attendees on the convention floor were attentive, asked good questions, and listened well.  From what I understand, the sessions were informative.  Screenflex benefits most from listening to the particular needs for Portable Room Dividers from those attendees who visited our booth.  Scores of attendees requested full packages of information be sent to their attention, and that is precisely what has happened.

 2. Based on conversations you had with customers and potential clients during the show, how would you characterize the current, business frame of mind of charter school operators? What were some of their operational pain points that you helped address?

            I would characterize the current business psyche of those I spoke with as “Conservative”.  Let’s face it, nobody has a money tree.  While we as a nation are slowly returning to economic normalcy, the few attendees I spoke with about economics all want to make sure they make the best use of their available funds.  This is exactly why so many attendees requested that more information is sent to them. 

 “When times are tight, Screenflex is right.”

 In terms of addressing operational needs within the walls of their schools, the administrators are quite aware that nothing is as constant as change.  The spatial needs in a Charter School change constantly.  Our USA made, well built portable acoustical room dividers help administrators address those needs every day.  To see dozens of pictures showing how it is done,  simply click on the “Schools” tab of our photo gallery at

  3. Based on discussions you had with attendees at your booth during the conference, what is your outlook for business in the charter school sector for the coming school year?

            Based upon our several year history of exhibiting at the National Charter School Convention that answer is reasonably easy to predict.  The answer is “Very Good”.  Assuming history repeats itself by the time the next convention is held in Minneapolis, many more Charter School Administrators will be using Screenflex Portable Room Dividers to help solve time, space and budget problems in their schools.


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