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Improve Pool Hall Game Room Services

Pool hall divided with room divider to create a private space

The Location

Billiards Hall

The Challenge

Improve private event space

The Solution

Screenflex accordion room dividers allow you to offer a fun and relaxed private party area for your next event.  Whether your guests are there to play billiards, ping pong, or darts, by partitioning a section of your venue into a designated space your guests can enjoy privacy without disturbing other guests.  The temporary walls roll on wheels into position to provide the separation needed for guests to enjoy a fun night out.  At the conclusion of the event, simply close the divider to reveal the open space.   With your new party area created by your room partitions, you are able to increase revenue by offering this secluded area for corporate and private events, holiday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and birthday.  Or, use your new space to offer clinics and private lessons to guests looking to improve their skills.  Additionally, Screenflex dividers are designed to complement any decor and built to withstand the rigors of any environment.





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