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Museum Barrier with Clear Sight-lines

The Location

Dinosaur Museum

The Challenge

Protect Fossils and Artifacts With Transparent Barriers

The Solution

Museums are fantastic resources to display artifacts from all over the world. Depending on the rarity, some of these display items are entirely invaluable. To protect these pieces, most museum staff will put up a barrier of some sort to prevent onlookers from touching or handling. While sites typically use a rope or a room with glass walls to showcase the artifacts, it is possible to have a healthy balance of both. For a museum barrier that is sturdier than a rope but also portable, use Screenflex Plexiglass Dividers.

The transparent partitions pictured come in either one or three panels that can connect if needed. These sizes create the shape you desire with ease while standing 6’2 in height. The multi-unit connectors are optional devices that create a snug attachment between the dividers. These freestanding screens also rest on self-leveling casters that smoothly glide over any surface. This level of balance, combined with its high-quality parts, makes for an impeccably sturdy room divider. Plexiglass panels allow people to see through the dividers to enjoy the artifacts without causing any harm to them. For the best museum barrier, consider choosing Screenflex Portable Room Dividers.

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