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Divided Classroom for Music and Art

The Location

White Pine Elementary School

The Challenge

Create Space for a Music and Art Classroom

The Solution

Classroom space has always needed to adapt due to changes in class size and curriculum. When new classes form, administrators need to make room for them and the old ones as well. Sometimes a larger multipurpose room has to turn into a divided classroom for multiple subjects. For instance, White Pine Elementary School needed space for both their music and art classes and decided to put them together in the same multipurpose room. To make this happen efficiently, they used Screenflex Room Dividers.

Pictured above is a 13 panel Standard Unit from Screenflex. The School’s Principal worked with a Screenflex rep to find the perfect length for the room’s expanse. Since one half of the room is a music class, sound absorption was a priority. Each panel of the divider has a honeycomb core that helps minimize sounds and echoes. The black fabric looks sleek and professional while letting any art on it pop in contrast. This fabric is also tackable, allowing teachers to display materials on it without damage to the divider. What makes the partitions stand out the most is the self-leveling casters. Having an easily portable device makes the divided classroom continue to be adaptable after the need for the class ends. The school’s principal has expressed her satisfaction with the dividers and would recommend them to anyone else in the educational field.

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