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Divider, Devider, Diveder - Common Misspelling

Divider, Devider, Diveder~ However, you Spell It, We’ve Got It!

Do you have a word or words that you just can’t seem to spell right? It seems that the longer you look at that word, even though it is spelled correctly, it just doesn’t look right. Autocorrect can also be a huge contributor to serious typos. Have you ever tried to text or send an e-mail from your cell phone and send an inappropriate message due to autocorrect? Technology has advantages but sometimes has disadvantages too. Spell check is a helpful tool to correct your spelling mistakes. Take a look at this infographic which shows how important spell check is.

15 Most Commonly Misspelled English Words

Divider amongs the most common misspelled words

Divider amongs the most common misspelled words

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