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In our fun & social blog posts, we highlight personal interest stories that cover current topics within the news that relate to the general public. Topics include why people whistle, IKEA hacks, cyberbullying, and the top ten books read over the past 50 years to name a few.  We love to keep abreast with topics that interest our customers.  View our collection of fun & social blogs and let us know what you think or submit a topic you would like us to cover. View or gallery of other topics including, our trade show schedule, case studies or frequently asked questions.

“Flex” Your Office Design: A Blend of Simplicity, Privacy, and Connectivity

Corporate structure is changing. With the influx of millennials into the workforce, corporations are shifting from a vertical and hierarchical…

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The Benefits of Attending a Local Art Fair

As the brisk winter weather in Chicago shows pockets of springlike temperatures, I am filled with excitement as I peruse…

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IKEA Hack - Entertainment Center Dubs as Children's Play Center

UPDATE This blog post won a spot on the IKEA Hackers website on January 27, 2013!  If you've come to our…

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8 Ways to Keep Students Focused Before the Holidays

Finding ways to keep students focused before the holidays is a difficult undertaking for teachers and parents, and for students…

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Screenflex Hosts Stop on Popular Road Rally

On Saturday September 14, 2013, Screenflex Portable Room Dividers hosted a stop for the annual Hawthorn Woods Treasure hunt, a…

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Are You At Church Or The Theatre?

The blog site, Church Stage Design Ideas, came on my radar because of my new job.  Someone suggested I follow his blog…

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Jobs That No Longer Exist

Your parents always told you could be anything you wanted to be.  That might be true, but in today's economy…

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Why do People Whistle ~ Are They Just That Happy?

I'm going to come clean right off and confess that I can't whistle.  And I don't mean I can't whistle in…

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There is a New Kid in Town

Being the new kid is never easy.  Whether it’s the first day at a new school, moving to a new…

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Letters to a Soldier

Letters to a Soldier Recently, a co worker’s son joined the military. Over the years, their son had come into…

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10 Fingers, 10 Toes, 10 Numerals, Why Are We Not Metric?

Like all of us, I learned to read and write and count when I was quite young. Soon after learning…

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Help For Dyslexia In The Classroom Builds Confidence & Success

Life in the classroom can be difficult for a dyslexic child. Though these children seem to be bright and highly…

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