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Can Room Dividers Expand My Space?

Room Dividers With Attitude

Here’s a sample of previous dances performed by students of Vermont Center of Dance Education.

Does watching this video take you back to your daughter’s very first dance recital? I love how the outfits are always so puffy and sparkly. Seeing your kids on stage for the first time, and every time brings on an emotion that is hard to explain. I always feel happy, excited and nervous altogether. There’s something very special about the performing arts that keeps me coming back.

One of our customers from the Vermont Center of Dance Education purchased one 6′ H x 13′-11″ L partition to create more space and add extra privacy. Here’s what they did…


The Vermont Center of Dance Education’s owner is always looking for ways to improve her facility.  She recently renovated the dance facility that now includes two fully equipped, spacious, state-of-the-art studios with professional Marley floors, a dressing room, and a waiting room. Now students can do as many leaps and turns as they want in their new studios.

Room Dividers Do The Tango

The dressing area is very spacious and well-kept but as enrollment increases, a couple of changes make this dressing room even better. Two private curtained dressing areas that were recently added made a huge hit with the girls so the owner decided to add even more space by adding extra privacy for her students. One Screenflex Room Divider provides complete visual privacy for the dancers! The divider opens and closes in seconds for a private dressing area when they need one.

Dressing Rooms Divided with Screenflex Room Dividers

Dividers come in 36 sizes and over 36 colors to choose from. Panels are flexible which helps various configurations: a straight wall, curved or almost any shape desired. When you need to store your room dividers, they will fold and lock together in a small footprint about 2′-5″ x 3′-0″. Multiple dividers can nest together to save even more space.

Screenflex Room Dividers are manufactured in the USA!

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