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Are My Room Dividers Safe For My Classroom?

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Two young dancers in pink leotards sitting on a mat in a dance studio

Room Dividers in the Classroom

All classrooms can benefit from the versatility and flexibility of room dividers! I love this photo of two budding ballerinas watching their teacher perform the dance routine that they’re performing in the spring recital.

Separated by one 6′ high, 20′-2″ long (11 panel) room divider.  This large dance studio is divided in half, to help minimize sound and sight distractions during the ballet class and best of all, safely!

In this situation, the owner of the dance studio updated and repaired a few things. Since the repairs took several days to complete, the divider made a great temporary wall to hide the debris and materials from the students and kept distractions down to a minimum during renovations.

Safety is always priority especially when children are present. So opening up one room divider, will keep kids safely away from the remodeling project.

Speaking of safety, here are some safety features of our FREEstanding room dividers that you might like to know about.

Safety Features

  1. The shape of the room divider open and closed are wide on the bottom and narrow on top for maximum stability. The Wide Steel End Frame is a key feature for a safe room divider.
  2. Self-leveling Casters can read your floor. No floor is exactly level so our self-leveling casters will rise and dip according to the rises and dips of your floor. Self-leveling casters help to keep all room divider wheels on the ground which will also grant stability to your divider.
  3. Locking Corner Casters in keeping your room dividers from shifting and moving.
  4.  No gaps in between panels mean 100% visual privacy and no pinched fingers.
  5. Impressive Acoustical and Fire rated Divider Panels!
  6.  Position Control Hinges snap in place and keep your panel in the position you desire.

Screenflex Room Dividers work great to divide your classroom space safely and effectively reducing distractions.

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