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Animated Room Divider is a Thing! What's it all About?

See Your Room Dividers In Action! with the animated room divider option on

While looking on our website, I found something quite interesting and useful to you our customer. This animated room divider “GIF” demonstrates how our room dividers open, close and create different shapes in your classroom, office or anywhere you need to divide space. This “GIF” is a sample of our interactive room divider. Click on the panel you want to bend and see how flexible your room divider will work in your space.



Dividing Space Effectively

Remarkably, Screenflex Room Dividers are very flexible and can divide your space into an infinite number of ways. Take advantage of our free planning service for optimal use of your partitions. Don’t forget to check out our promotion when you use our free floor planning option. Take advantage of these spring savings! You can save $50.00 per room divider.

Simply roll your divider into position, unlatch the storage latch and pull open your panels easily. Dividers fold up and store in a small footprint approximately 2.5′ x 3.0′.

Screenflex is proud to be the leader in the industry in portable room dividers.

Divide Rooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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