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When You Can't Get Your Kids Out Of Bed, Use These Sure To Please Alarm Clocks

A couple of weeks ago, I told my daughter to set her alarm clock to ensure that she would wake up and be ready to be picked up. Callie was invited to join her friend for the day and they would be picking her up at 10:00 am. Callie set her alarm clock for 9:00 am and off she went to dreamland. In the morning, her alarm went off at 9:00 am, 9:10 am, 9:20 am and so on. Callie continued to hit snooze until she was woken up by the doorbell at 10:00 am. Does this sound familiar? Every morning most Americans need an alarm clock to help them wake up.  Even though some of you rise without an alarm, the risk of oversleeping can be nerve racking. Hitting snooze is probably the most common problems with most alarm clocks. Sometimes they work and sometimes, well you get the picture.

Hoping for a better alarm clock on my list of things to buy, I found some funny alarm clocks that I guarantee will get your kids and you up in the morning.

1. You’re sure to get up with this crazy alarm clock that you’ll be chasing to turn it off.

A white alarm clock with wheels on each side

2. You’ll pop right out of bed the moment you touch this alarm clock from Seiko.

A woman about to touch a small cactus sitting on her bedside table

3. Start the day off right! Get buff while you wake up to your dumbbell alarm clock.  This alarm clock won’t stop buzzing until you’ve performed 30 repetitions.

The face of an alarm clock on the end of a dumbbell

4. Pull the pin and throw the grenade in the direction of your sleeper. This alarm clock will wake even the heaviest sleepers.

An alarm clock that looks like a grenade

 5. To turn this alarm off you have to place two feet firmly on the mat.

An black alarm clock mat

I think I’ll get the mat alarm clock for my daughter.  That way, I’ll know if she really got out of bed.

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